Articles by AD Amorosi

In Conversation: EarthGang Go Live (Finally) with “Mirrorland”

After a two-year writing process, the funkadelic Atlanta hip-hop duo’s debut is here in all of its natural glory.

Helado Negro’s Willfully Weird Art

When he’s not writing experimental synth-folk, Roberto Carlos Lange is breaking new ground in the world of collaborative visual art.

In Conversation: Justice’s Xavier de Rosnay on Their New Film “IRIS: A Space Opera”

The French electronic music duo welcomes you aboard their alien undertaking. 

Iggy Pop, “Free”

If Iggy Pop hasn’t been free this whole time, who the fuck has?

Lana Del Rey, “Norman Fucking Rockwell!”

A cool, cutting chronicler of all things California. 

Violent Femmes’ Gordon Gano and His (Not So) Last Resort

The folk-punk trio’s tenth album is their freest and most existential yet.

Lover or Hate Her: Taylor Swift Finds Her Soul (Again)

On her seventh record, the pop star has gone from playing the victim to taking full responsibility.

Cola Boyy Is Breaking the Rules of Dance Music

The artist born Matthew Urango is a multi-instrumentalist whose punk-rock youth led to his making spaced-out, modern disco.

Sigur Rós, “Ágætis Byrjun 20th Anniversary Edition”

Indefinable, refined, and weirdly universal.

Elliot Roberts (1943-2019): Swimming in the Ether

The late manager of Neil Young and Joni Mitchell went deep with his artists.

Bob Dylan Rolls with Thunder to Spare

Scorsese’s Netflix doc and the newly released live recordings highlight a mythic chapter in Dylanology.

Shooter Jennings Is Branching Out

From “Hee Haw” to heavy metal to rock ‘n’ roll, Shooter has it covered.

Bruce Springsteen, “Western Stars”

Springsteen has fused his Asbury Park roots with his rambling man esprit, and brought the whole family out to the Hills of Beverly.

Vampire Weekend, “Father of the Bride”

This is Vampire Weekend’s “White Album”—all its baroque catchiness and experimentation in one not-so-neat double LP package.

L7’s Donita Sparks on Old Punks, New Music, and Continuing Harassment

On the occasion of the LA punks’ first record in twenty years, Sparks explains why getting the band back together—and pissing in hats—is necessary.

The Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle on His Books, His Songs, and a Podcast That’s About Neither

The core of TMG talks his upcoming album for Merge and his podcast that’s now in its second season.

Helado Negro Is Smiling Wide

The Latinx indie musician talks us through his new album “This Is How You Smile,” out this week via RVNG Intl.

Beirut, “Gallipoli”

Armed with his Farfisa, his torrid voice, and his Technicolor arrangements, Condon has made his most adult listening effort to date.


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