Articles by AD Amorosi

Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien Deals with Coronavirus Alongside New Album “Earth”

Though he suspects he has the virus, EOB’s record remains on track for release April 17. 

Morrissey, “I Am Not a Dog on a Chain”

This album offers up some of his best performances, wryest lyrics, and most experimental arrangements in years.

In Conversation: Cerrone Returns to Disco Roots on “DNA”

The French artist is among the most influential of the disco era, and one of dance music’s first trailblazers.

Khruangbin & Leon Bridges, “Texas Sun” EP

A show of unity between Texan soul makers.

Miles Davis, “The Legendary Prestige Quintet Sessions”

The sessions that fill this box are those where Davis left flirty, speedy bebop behind for slow, hard bop.

Prince, “1999 (Deluxe Edition, Remastered)”

Like the gluttonous Reagan era in which it was born, the new “1999” is explosively opulent and appropriate for the Trump moment in its excess and mess.

Mystery and History: the Strange Music and Stranger Tale of Jim Sullivan

Jim’s son Chris and producer Al Dobbs give their thoughts on the songwriter’s disappearance and why his music lingers on.

Leonard Cohen, “Thanks for the Dance”

In some ways, it’s more like Adam Cohen’s love letter to his father’s artistry than a final statement from the late poet.

Bob Dylan, “Travelin’ Thru, Featuring Johnny Cash: The Bootleg Series Vol. 15”

Dylan revered the outlaw Cash, and Cash admired the wordsmith Dylan.

Taylor Hawkins on Fandom, Foo Fighters, and the Freedom to Be a Coattail Rider

Three albums in, Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders feels like a vacation for the Foo Fighters drummer.

Alice Cooper Is the Real Motor City Madman

The iconic rocker goes home to Detroit for a different brand of shock and awe.

Neil Young and Crazy Horse, “Colorado”

While most legacy rockers are hitting the road rather than bothering to write new music, Young refuses to stop inventing.

Freddie Mercury, “Never Boring” Box Set

While the original albums sounded surprisingly grey, this curation of solo output is hotly in-the-red, remixed and boldly remastered.

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, “Ghosteen”

Nick Cave moves across his most lush and lovely melodies yet in a voice that burrows deeper than ever before.

Debbie Harry Is Gonna Make You Face It

The Blondie frontwoman on new memoir “Face It,” how the internet has changed music, and what’s next. 

The Beatles’ “Abbey Road” at 50

Digging into the brand new Giles Martin re-release of the iconic album on its fiftieth birthday.

In Conversation: EarthGang Go Live (Finally) with “Mirrorland”

After a two-year writing process, the funkadelic Atlanta hip-hop duo’s debut is here in all of its natural glory.

Helado Negro’s Willfully Weird Art

When he’s not writing experimental synth-folk, Roberto Carlos Lange is breaking new ground in the world of collaborative visual art.


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