Articles by Adam Pollock

Moon Duo, “Occult Architecture Vol. 1”

The dexterity with which Moon Duo present seemingly simple riffs belies the complexity of the songwriting—and the difficulty in getting to their destination.

Telefon Tel Aviv, “Fahrenheit Fair Enough” [reissue]

The reissue of the New Orleans IDM duo’s debut is a refreshing reminder of a more cerebral time.

A Weeping Song: Director Andrew Dominik on His Nick Cave Film “One More Time With Feeling”

“It was important to me that none of them were victims of the film.”

Express Yourself: Lee Fields on Life, Love, and Soul

In his mid-sixties and playing for ever-larger crowds, the New Jersey–based soul singer reflects on how he got here.

Sleigh Bells, “Jessica Rabbit”

They may well deliver a pop masterpiece one day, but “Jessica Rabbit” isn’t it.

Honeyblood, “Babes Never Die”

While the Glasgow duo’s debut was a bit more coy, the followup is unabashed in its devotion to the guitar.

Marching Church, “Telling It Like It Is”

On “Telling It Like It Is,” Elias Bender Rønnenfelt enlists the services of members of like-minded Nordic punks in Lower, Hand of Dust, and others.

Dinosaur Jr., “Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not”

Thirty-three years after its formation, Dinosaur Jr. continues to make sublime, rousing rock and roll.

Wild Beasts, “Boy King”

As Wild Beasts release their fifth long-player, “Boy King,” we find them facing (rock band) middle age and most likely questioning their relevance.

William S. Burroughs, “Let Me Hang You”

Burroughs on the mic, King Khan on the boards.

Bat for Lashes, “The Bride”

Natasha Khan’s new album was created as a kind of soundtrack to a short film she screened this year at Tribeca.

Car Seat Headrest, “Teens of Denial”

Car Seat Headrest’s first wide release of brand-new material showcases most of the weapons in Will Toledo’s arsenal.

White Denim, “Stiff”

“Stiff” makes a grand leap into polished retro-rock territory.

Santigold, “99¢”

At the pace Philly’s eclectic Santigold releases albums (read: slowly), it’s not hard to welcome each LP as more than just a new release for the artist.

Ty Segall, “Emotional Mugger”

A raucous blast of energy to help combat the winter doldrums.

Harriet, “American Appetite”

After repeated listens to Harriet, the fact that they are from Los Angeles comes of absolutely no surprise.

Eat Like a Viking: A Weekend at Iceland Airwaves

Iceland sounds like an easy sell: who wouldn’t like an exotic arctic country inhabited by tall blond socialists? Yet when it comes to clicking “book now,”…

White Fang, “Chunks”

Oh, to be that simplistic and silly again!


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