Articles by Angela Ratzlaff

Eagles of Death Metal, “Zipper Down”

“Zipper Down” has some memorable hooks, and the rhythm section particularly shines, but with this band, it’s best to buy their first two records and remember them for what they were: a fun joke that apparently won’t age that well.

Wand, “1000 Days”

This is a lay-down-and-stare-at-the-ceiling kind of record, one that should be put on repeat during a lazy afternoon spent day-dreaming about past California summer sunsets.

Gardens & Villa, “Music for Dogs”

While the LP is definitely satisfying, it’s hard to feel like you’re on Gardens & Villa’s wavelength. Maybe the frequency is just too high for us.

The Good Life, “Everybody’s Coming Down”

Cursive frontman Tim Kasher promises listeners a lot by naming his solo side project The Good Life.

Girlpool, “Before the World Was Big”

Stripped down and to the point, Girlpool’s debut full-length “Before the World Was Big” reminds us that, sometimes, less is more.

Palma Violets, “Danger in the Club”

The rebellious nature of being young and alive in a city is what makes the Violets so great, and “Danger in the Club”’s lack of that spunk is what makes the LP so disappointing.

JEFF The Brotherhood, “Wasted on the Dream”

With this release, the duo’s dream and future is unclear, but one thing is for sure, listening to this album is definitely time wasted.

Ty Segall Band, “Live in San Francisco”

Listening to the LP is like reliving a moment in time. Even if you weren’t there, you can still feel the heat emulating from the walls.

The Wytches, “Annabel Dream Reader”

British trio the Wytches seamlessly blend horror aesthetics with heavy rock riffs on their debut full-length Annabel Dream Reader.

OBN IIIs, “Third Time to Harm”

Don’t get me wrong, while the signature fuzz from past OBN IIIs recordings is absent, the Austin, Texas, foursome haven’t completely forgotten their dirty roots.

Cold Beat, “Over Me”

While the music may not skew as disco as Blondie, Over Me still manages to take on a more refined sound.


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