Articles by Cameron Crowell

Girlpool, “Powerplant”

There’s a perpetually moving world out there.

Cold Beat, “Chaos by Invitation”

On her latest with Cold Beat, Hannah Lew toys with the false dichotomy that implies that the complicated and difficult-to-listen-to have inherently more to say than a simple, accessible pop song.

Breaking: NE-HI

The Chicago quartet give sunny garage pop a melancholy tweak.

Cate Le Bon, “Rock Pool” [EP]

Le Bon’s music lives in an alternate universe—one that’s nearly identical to ours, but laden with a persistent feeling of anxiety.

Make Stars Hollow Great Again: The Unsettlingly Relevant Political Reality of “Gilmore Girls”

Behind the blur of words and scrim of melodrama, Amy Sherman-Palladino’s beloved series shows us a buffoonish tyrant at work.

Joyce Manor, “Cody”

There’s a new texture and flavor to the raw, pouring-salt-on-a-wound sadness coming out of Torrance.

Springtime Carnivore, “Midnight Room”

Don’t call it a breakup record.

Nots, “Cosmetic”

The Memphis band’s grinding, atonal punk is matched by their dedication to garage-rock bombast.

The Sun Sets: Getting Schooled By the Music at an Amusement Park

Cameron Crowell spent the summer cleaning up barf while “Pour Some Sugar on Me” blasted from speakers overhead. And yet: he’s still alive.


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