Articles by Roman Gokhman

Leaving Here: Franz Ferdinand’s New Shade

Moving on after the departure of founding member Nick McCarthy, frontman Alex Kapranos explains how his band invented a fresh identity for “Always Ascending.”

La Discothèque: Phoenix on the Dancefloor Romance of “Ti Amo”

Going behind the flashing lights and breezy melodies with Deck d’Arcy and Christian Mazzalai.

Kamasi Washington is Ready to Take the Next Step

The bandleader finally gets a break from the road. Not that he’s resting on his considerable laurels.

How It’s Going to Be: Why Two Former Members of Third Eye Blind Can’t Call Themselves Former Members of Third Eye Blind

Everyone’s semi-charmed favorite ’90s rockers are back and playing to bigger crowds than ever. But the road from “Jumper” to Lollapalooza has more twists and turns than you might imagine—and it’s left some of the band’s founding members behind.

Breaking: Margo Price

Getting a much-needed slice of humble pie with the Tennessee-via-Illinois country artist at the forefront of a Third Man–led traditionalist revival.

LIVE: Prince Gets Intimate with Piano and a Microphone (2/28/2016)

The Purple One puts together an intimate set at Oakland’s Paramount Theatre.

Breaking: Boss Selection

Producer Sunny Levine steps out from behind the boards on his collaborative LP.

Breaking: Julien Baker

The Tennessee–based singer-songwriter fights addiction, darkness, and death on her debut LP, “Sprained Ankle”.

In Harmony, Octaves Apart: What’s Next for FFS?

Franz Ferdinand and Sparks’s collaborative project was one of 2015’s most fruitful partnerships. So where do the two groups—who are happy to consider FFS a band in its own right—go from here?


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