Thom Yorke, Low, Duran Duran, and More Reflect on the Passing of Scott Walker

The brilliant singer-songwriter passed away today at age seventy-six.

Singing Adam Sandler Is the Best Adam Sandler

He just wrote a dope tune about Elmo for the fiftieth anniversary of “Sesame Street,” and he has a long history of songs before that. 

I Can’t Stop Thinking About Natalie Portman in the “Lucy in the Sky” Trailer

Portman is all of us in the upcoming psycho-exploration of life after your mind has been blown to bits.

Nine Inch Nails and Marvel Unite for “Captain Marvel” Movie T-Shirt

Marvel’s newest superhero has great taste in band merch, and now you can, too. 

Investigating Jena Friedman’s Deadpan Brand of Feminist Humor

The comedian and “Soft Focus” creator talks sexual harassment in gaming, how to joke about topics like campus rape, and sitting down with John McAfee, who was surrounded by guns.

Zack Snyder’s “Watchmen” and the Rise of Toxic Fandom

Zack Snyder’s too-faithful adaptation was a harbinger of things to come—not for ’80s nuclear fears, but for meltdowns by die-hard fanatics.

Is “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure” the Greatest Time Travel Movie of All Time?

Forget lusting after your mother or escaping Arnold Schwarzeneggers from the future. 

Want To Cry? Arcade Fire’s New “Dumbo” Track Can Make You Do That

The band is reprising “Baby Mine,” the saddest tune from the O.G. Disney flick, for Tim Burton’s remake. 

Are You Ready for Idris Elba as the DJ Nanny?

New Netflix series “Turn Up Charlie” stars Elba as an ex-superstar DJ turned nanny. Watch the trailer. 

LISTEN: Robert Pattinson Sings with Tindersticks for “High Life” Soundtrack

The actor grabs the mic and invokes Pink Floyd with the UK alt-rock stalwarts.

The “Beverly Hills, 90210” Reboot Is Actually Happening

Brandon, Kelly, David, and Donna are set to rule this summer with a surreal take on their ’90s TV shenanigans.

WATCH: “The OA” Is Back on Netflix for Season Two with Sharon Van Etten

In the new trailer, Prairie’s consciousness awakens in an alternate reality. 

Spike Lee Had Zero F*#ks Left To Give at the 2019 Oscars

The filmmaker was in full-on sass mode last night. And for good reason.

Elisabeth Moss and Cara Delevingne Star as Punk Rock Rebels in “Her Smell” Trailer

Agyness Deyn, Ashley Benson, Eric Stoltz and Amber Heard also feature in the rock and roll redemption flick.

With “Roma” and “Happy as Lazzaro,” Netflix May Have Found a New Way of Reading Its Audience

The extremely Oscar nominated drama and its snubbed peer lead a new generation of content from the streaming service, which seems to focus on millennial passivity.

“Space Jam 2” Will Begin Filming This Summer

You don’t even need to ask—we’re all ready for this.

“The Notebook” Is Coming To Netflix, and It’s Time for the Rachel McAdamsaissance

The movie is pretty dumb, but Rachel McAdams makes it kinda wonderful.

Best Supporting Inanimate Objects 2019

Our non-human Oscar picks might be more awards-worthy than the actors who drank, ate, and wore them.


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