Animal Collective’s Aural Morphology

Charting the Baltimore group’s long, strange journey.

Summer Cannibals Make the Most of a Fresh Start on “Can’t Tell Me No”

After their fourth album dissolved along with frontperson Jessica Boudreaux’s relationship, she wrote a record about reclaiming her personality.

Weyes Blood Isn’t Afraid of Climate Change

The Los Angeles–based musician’s fourth album confronts humanity’s bleak future head-on.

A Day with Local Natives’ Favorite Side Projects

Talking cycling, soccer, and art with the SoCal indie rockers.

Dodie Clark vs. Jacob Collier: Bedroom Introvert Musicians

A pair of English rising superstars on their music careers, collaboration, and YouTube success.

Shooter Jennings Is Branching Out

From “Hee Haw” to heavy metal to rock ‘n’ roll, Shooter has it covered.

My Breakfast with Roky Erickson

We remember the psych rock pioneer with an interview originally published in the March 1995 issue of Ray Gun Magazine.

Injury Reserve Insist They Are a Rap Group

The hip-hop threesome on their self-titled debut and the freedom of being from Arizona.

Cate Le Bon Finds Reward in Isolation (and Woodworking)

In cutting herself off from society to study woodworking, Le Bon accidentally wrote her most direct songs to date.

Foxing Is Nearing Perfection Onstage and in the Studio

Following the band’s Shaky Knees set, Conor Murphy wrestles with musical and existential questions.

The Marías: Never Lose That Feeling

The velvet-voiced lead singer on how her diverse tastes and love of Latin music inspired her path toward becoming the eponymous founder of The Marías.

Mastodon Honors Beloved Manager on “Stairway to Nick John”

Drummer/vocalist Brann Dailor on the Led Zeppelin classic they recorded for their late manager, who passed away last year.

The New Era of Boogarins

The Brazilian psychedelic band discusses “Soumbrou Dúvida” and the benefits of working with a professional engineer.

Dehd Found True Love in Mutual Heartbreak

How Chicago musicians Jason Balla and Emily Kempf talked through their breakup in song and wrote “Water,” a modern love record.

L7’s Donita Sparks on Old Punks, New Music, and Continuing Harassment

On the occasion of the LA punks’ first record in twenty years, Sparks explains why getting the band back together—and pissing in hats—is necessary.

SPELLLING Walks Us Through Her Sci-Fi Influences for “Mazy Fly”

Bay Area experimentalist Tia Cabral explains how Kubrick, Sun Ra, and “Frankenstein” inspired the unique aesthetic for her sophomore LP.

Pile Goes Full-Time

Seven albums in, Pile is finally Rick Maguire’s only gig. He never quite expected to make the leap.

Nick Murphy Is Coming Out of His Shell

The artist formerly known as Chet Faker balances solidarity and collaboration on his new LP, “Run Fast Sleep Naked.”


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