Too Many Kings and Too Many Kingdoms: The Problem of Depth in “Game of Thrones”

"Game of Thrones" is striving admirably to carry its abundance of characters, territories, and plotlines. But it doesn't have to.

PREMIERE: Juniore Start Exotique, Get Heady in “Mon Autre” Video

From the French group's self-titled collection, out now on Burger.
Audience Orange Stage

WATCH: Live From Denmark, It’s Roskilde 2016

Guds hjælp, Folkets kærlighed, Danmarks styrke!

The Back Pages: Sean Nicholas Savage, “Mutual Feelings of Respect and Admiration” (2010)

Lo-fi crooner disco isn’t exactly a genre with clear lines of intent and seriousness, but looking back at one (the only?) key example shows that nothing ever sounded so sincere.

Skeletons Get Nostalgic in Video for Jazz-Driven, Folky “Success”

Taken from April’s “Am I Home?”

Politicon 2016: Fear, Loathing, and Some Laughter in Pasadena

With tensions at a neck-popping high, the unconventional political convention tries to knead a little levity into the political conversation.

RIP: Bernie Worrell (1944–2016)

The funk pioneer succumbed to cancer at the age of 72.

Aphex Stretch: What the Super-Slow Remix Reveals About Electronic Music

Stretched to 1000% of its original length, an Aphex Twin song suddenly exists on a different sonic plane while its component parts remain unchanged.

Draw: “The Duel” Asks Heavy Questions, Offers Light Answers

Kieran Darcy-Smith ably connects the dilemmas of the present with the hewing of the western frontier. His resolution leaves something to be desired.

PREMIERE: Motel Radio Make Pop Sophistication Sound Fun on “Phasing Out”

Who says being smart has to mean being boring?

PREMIERE: Experience a Day in the DIY Life of All People with the “Slow” Video

Infiltrate the scene created by the New Orleans quartet.

PREMIERE: Hide Your Head in “Love Shadows” with Nashville’s Harpooner

The former Indianans take you to the lake.

PREMIERE: Sexy Dex and The Fresh Are Here to Prime Your Friday Night

Get on up.

PLAYLIST: Peter Bjorn and John Are Three Busy Dudes

The Swedish trio give us the highlights of their between-album work.

PREMIERE: Steady Holiday Channels Morricone, The Cardigans on “Superstar”

Dark, sophisticated pop from LA’s Dre Babinski.

PREMIERE: Surf Mars with The Galaxy Electric in Their “Please Come Home Soon” Video

Space-age sadness from the nation’s capitol.

Allah-Las Quietly Assert Their Will with “Famous Phone Figure” Video

From the group’s upcoming “Calico Review.”

PREMIERE: Leon Bridges Delivers “Flowers” to Pickathon

It’s the latest episode of the Galaxy Barn Series, part of the Oregon festival’s Spring Season.

The Championship Cure: Because There’s More to Life Than Winning

Pop cultural reminders that you don’t need a million-karat ring to feel like a million damn bucks.

Band of Horses: Honest Themes

Ben Bridwell is working from home.

WATCH: Rogue Wave Deliver Intimate Performance on “Nic Harcourt’s TRANSMISSIONS”

Zach Rogue and Pat Spurgeon pare down tracks from April’s “Delusions of Grand Fur.”



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