WATCH: Advice From Paradise Episode 3 Featuring YACHT

Nedelle hooks up with YACHT’s Claire L. Evans and Jona Bechtolt to talk artistic—and romantic—collaboration.

WATCH: Blonde Redhead Take What’s Theirs in a Live Performance of “Doll Is Mine” at the FLOOD Gallery

You can catch the NYC art-rock trio on a tour of the West Coast through the end of this month.

PREMIERE: Leo Abrahams Finds the Cosmos in a Slipmat in “Theory for Large Molecules” Video

The frequent Eno collaborator gets plenty spacey on his own.

WATCH: Advice From Paradise: Episode 2

Nedelle tackles sexting—with a little help from Nick Diamonds of Islands and The Unicorns.

WATCH: Cold War Kids Perform A Stripped-Down Rendition of “Drive Desperate” at the FLOOD Gallery

“Hold My Home” is out now on Downtown.

WATCH: Blonde Redhead Channel “Lady M” for a Live Performance at the FLOOD Gallery

The New York trio also announced a fresh set of North American tour dates in support of their latest release “Barragán.”

WATCH: Taymir Dreams of “Melanie” for FLOOD Sessions

The group’s ’60s inspired album, Phosphene, will be out in the US later this year

WATCH: Jason Chung Takes Us on a Tour Through His Mind in “The Science Of: Nosaj Thing”

“It doesn’t have to be complex most of the time. If you focus on the small parts, it can come out really powerful.”

WATCH: The Men of “VEEP” Strike Poses in FLOOD 1 Behind-The-Scenes Video

Season four’s finale airs this Sunday on HBO.

WATCH: Advice From Paradise: Episode 1

This week: A very special video edition of our bi-weekly advice column.

WATCH: Brian Wilson Leads an All-Star Rendition of “Surfin’ U.S.A.”

Part two of the exclusive two-part documentary series “Brian Fest: A Night to Celebrate the Life and Music of Brian Wilson”

WATCH: Dotan Expands and Contracts a Version “Home” for FLOOD Sessions

“7 Layers” is out now via Universal Music Group

WATCH: The Flaming Lips Get Trippy in Their Cover of The Beach Boys Classic “Good Vibrations”

Part one of the exclusive two-part documentary series “Brian Fest: A Night to Celebrate the Life and Music of Brian Wilson”

WATCH: Marc Maron Teases the Future of Marc Maron for the Third Season of “Maron”

The season premiere of the comedian’s semi-autobiographical show airs this Thursday on IFC.

WATCH: Amason Plays Stripped-Down Version of “Duvan” for FLOOD Sessions

The Swedish supergroup’s debut album “Sky City” is out now on Fairfax Recordings.

WATCH: Taymir Shares Acoustic Performance of “Jenny” For FLOOD Sessions

The group’s debut album “Phosphene” will receive its stateside release later this year

WATCH: Frank Turner Covers The Weakerthans For FLOOD Sessions

“The Third Three Years” is out now via Xtra Mile Recordings

WATCH: Stephen Tobolowsky and Some Friends Help Us Name FLOOD

When FILTER ended in July, we all were sad to see it go. But we knew we wanted to keep doing what we loved—and to…


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