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FLOOD’s Best of 2015: Art + Culture

Our picks for the best arts and culture moments of 2015.

Just in Time for the Holidays, Crystal Pepsi Is Making a Return (Sorta)

Available in the (overwhelmingly preferred) sweepstake form only

WATCH: Here’s Nearly Forty-Five Minutes of Nick Offerman Sitting by a Fireplace

Grab two fingers of Lagavulin and curl up by the fire.

Eat Like a Viking: A Weekend at Iceland Airwaves

Iceland sounds like an easy sell: who wouldn’t like an exotic arctic country inhabited by tall blond socialists? Yet when it comes to clicking “book now,”…

Breaking: Little Pine

Moby’s new vegan eatery opens November 19 in LA’s Silverlake neighborhood.

The Libertines Roll Out Signature Tea Blend for Charity

Donate now for a chance to win one of the ten boxes.

Sans Viande: A Vegetarian Guide to Montreal

Going meatless in the city of lard.

Jonathan Gold Reveals His New List of the 101 Best Restaurants in LA

Providence nabs the top spot for the third year in a row.

“Back to the Future” Day Was Excellent

Self-lacing Nikes, Neil deGrasse Tyson live-tweeting what the films got right, and more.

JetBlue is Growing Potatoes at JFK

What’s the deal with airport food?

In Honor of “Back to the Future Part II” Day, Pepsi Perfect Will Exist for a Limited Time

Maybe the Cubs actually will win the World Series this year… Ha, just kidding.

Burger King Now Selling Whopper Wine in Spain

The “your way” at which you can have it now apparently includes “drunk”

Life Is Beautiful 2015: Viva Downtown Las Vegas

Stevie Wonder, Kendrick Lamar, Weezer, Bill Nye, Banksy, and more bring the Sin City festival into maturity.

Drake Opens New Restaurant in Toronto

The rapper teamed up with chef Susur Lee for Fring’s.

Doritos Introduces “Rainbows” to Support the “It Gets Better Project”

Only for a limited time.

Fine Dining: Taco Bell to Open “Cantina” Locations that Will Serve Alcohol

Case zero will unravel in Chicago next week.

Mindy Kaling Reaches New Levels of Fame with a Brand-New Umami Burger

Get it before it’s gone.

Whole Foods to Open Smaller, Less Expensive Grocery Stores

The new markets will serve existing food deserts.


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