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Celebrate the First Day of Lolla 2016 with 19 Videos from 19 Lollapaloozas

One from every year of the festival’s history.

FLOOD’s Best Records of 2016 (So Far)

It’s been six months already?

Radiohead, “A Moon Shaped Pool”

Never before have Radiohead made anxiety such a singular concern, or unease such an agonized-over art form, as they have here.

Radiohead are the Internet’s Master Controllers

With the release of the “Burn the Witch” video, the group turn distribution into its own political art.

Outside Lands 2016 Lineup Announced: Radiohead, LCD Soundsystem, and Lionel Richie (?) Headline

Ranger Dave is inviting everyone back into Golden Gate Park from August 5–7.

Radiohead, LCD Soundsytem, RHCP Come Back via Chicago: Lollapalooza 2016 Lineup Announced

Rumbling the walls of the Art Institute of Chicago for four days and nights this summer.

Radiohead Announces 2016 World Tour

Congratulation to the coasts and Montreal!

FLOOD’s 25 Most Anticipated Albums of 2016

The twenty-five releases we’re most looking forward to hearing this year.

LISTEN: Radiohead Share Unreleased “Spectre” Theme

Theme music for a film.

WATCH: Prince Covers “Creep” at Coachella 2008

There’s no telling how long this video will be online, so watch it now.

For Queen and Country: Radiohead Rumored to Have Written New Bond Theme [UPDATED]

Rumor sparked by a £15,000 wager from unknown source. [Nope, the bet was wrong. It’s Sam Smith.]

Jonny Greenwood Is the Subject of Paul Thomas Anderson’s First Documentary

The hour-long film “Junun” follows Greenwood as he makes an album in India with Shye Ben Tzur, an Israeli composer.

Thom Yorke Writing Music for Harold Pinter Play

Long pauses. Veiled threats. Suppressed meanings. Sounds like Thom Yorke’s bag alright.

Stanley Donwood’s Exhibit in Sydney Features New Music by Thom Yorke

“The Panic Office” is in installation at Semi-Permanent in Sydney, Australia, from May 24–June 6.

Of Age: “OK Computer” Turns 18

The FLOOD editorial staff discuss the history and legacy of Radiohead’s “OK Computer.”

Radiohead Teases Fans with New Visuals and Sounds on PolyFauna App

Some of the members of Radiohead have been pretty busy in the last few years with their own side projects. With Thom Yorke’s Atoms For…


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