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PLAYLIST: Horse Jumper of Love’s Songs That Inspired Them to Do Something with Their Lives

The Boston slowcore three-piece list their go-to drinking songs, doom-not-black metal tracks, and more.

Radio’s On, Feelin’ Alright: Silver Jews’ “American Water” at Twenty

David Berman’s masterpiece was somewhat out of place when it came out in October of 1998. These days it just sounds like perfection. 

The Avalanches, “Wildflower”

How do you follow up a sixteen-year-old plunderphonic pop masterpiece? With a neon-tinted mixtape.

LISTEN: David Berman Surfaces via a Collaboration with The Arcs on New Track “Young”

The song, which is from “The Arcs vs. the Inventors Vol. 1″—a Record Store Day 10” special release due out November 27—was co-written by Dan Auerbach and the principal Silver Jew himself.

Somewhere in a Foggy Atlas: A Silver Jews Map of America

Touring the more poetic ends of the country with our guide David Berman, in honor of the tenth anniversary of “Tanglewood Numbers.”

Vices Torn: Scott “Spiral Stairs” Kannberg and Bob Nastanovich Take a Slanted Look Back at the Enchanted Early Days of Pavement

Fax machines, lobsters, Sonic Youth, and all the trigger cuts responsible for “The Secret History” of arguably the greatest band of the ’90s.


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