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The Regrettes Break Down “How Do You Love” Track by Track

The LA garage pop band’s singer/guitarist Lydia Night provides commentary + guitarist Genessa Gariano offers illustrations.

Matt Muse Breaks Down “Love & Nappyness” Track by Track

The Chicago rapper defies cliché by addressing five different forms of love on his new EP.

Possible Humans Break Down “Everybody Split” Track by Track

The Aussie jangle pop group describe their new album in not entirely un-Burroughs-like terms.

Slaughter Beach, Dog Break Down “Safe and Also No Fear” Track by Track

Modern Baseball’s Jake Ewald gives us the play-by-play for his Americana-conscious solo project’s third album.

Tijuana Panthers Break Down Their Surfy New LP “Carpet Denim” Track by Track

The rockers cite Murakami, can-I-speak-to-your-manager people, and a newborn son as influences.

Pioneer 11 Break Down “Gravitorium” Track by Track

The soulfully extraterrestrial psych duo talk us through their colorful new LP.

SadGirl Break Down “Water” Track by Track

Misha Lindes details the story behind each of the debut record’s ten songs.

French Vanilla Break Down “How Am I Not Myself?” Track by Track

LA’s sax-happy post-punks introduce their brand new album with commentary for each of its ten songs.

Katie Dey Breaks Down Her Woozy New LP “Solipsisters” Track by Track

The hypnagogic pop experimentalist unpacks themes of life, death, and bodiless existence on her third solo album.


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