Santigold, “99¢”

Santigold-2016-99 cents_cover_hi_resSantigold

At the pace Philly’s eclectic Santigold releases albums (read: slowly), it’s not hard to welcome each LP as more than just a new release for the artist. They’re new concepts. It’s been four years since her last, the dark and awesome Master of My Make-Believe, which had been four years in the making following her (nearly) self-titled debut in 2008. An obvious contrast to Make-Believe, 99¢ is her ’80s euro-pop concept album and it is immediately more fun. Santigold improves on her influences on this record—there are shades of electro new wave, plenty of swaggering, reggae-tinged hip-hop, and some genuine Top 40 moments that recall a cooler Lily Allen, who is pretty cool to begin with. Opener “Can’t Get Enough of Myself” is pure pop heaven. Try to get through the whole album without singing along to those infectious “La La La Las” and “Oh Oh Oh Oh Ohs.”


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