PREMIERE: Sara Lov Gets Animated in “Rain Up” Video

The heartfelt track from last year's Some Kind of Champion gets an equally heartfelt clip.

Last year, Sara Lov released Some Kind of Champion, her fourth solo album. It’s a delicate collection of songs presented and arranged with great particularity, and “Rain Up,” whose video we’re premiering this morning, is no exception.

The track is little more than Lov’s balm of a voice soothing the softly percolating anxiety of an arpeggiating guitar. “There’s a light in the dirt,” she sings to her struggling subject, and it takes most of the song for the music behind her to be convinced into her arms. “You’ve given up the mountain,” she sings. “Let the water rise up from the ground.”

The video is illustrated by the artists Jolly and Edith de Guzman. The husband and wife pair initially met Lov via Instagram, where she fell in love with their style. “The more they posted, the more I started to feel a connection growing and decided to approach them about a collaboration,” Lov says. She commissioned Italian director Marco Morandi to animate Jolly’s drawings; Morandi brought the de Guzmans’s vision of a lonely creature in search of connection to life, which in turn brought Lov’s gentle plea against pride to life. And that’s reason enough to be thankful.


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