PREMIERE: Peter More Makes Tex-Mex Americana on “Shoulder”

The Fort Worth native follows his musical muse to Mexico and scores Steely Dan's Donald Fagen for a producer.

It’s been said that musicians lead a charmed life, blessed by the spirit of song that guides them through the travails of existence. For Peter More, living nomadically in pursuit of his artistic music directed him down a path straight toward Donald Fagen of the legendary band Steely Dan.

The Texas native was traveling in San Miguel, Mexico, when he had a chance encounter with Fagen and his musician wife, Libby Titus, who were vacationing there. Impressed with More’s musical abilities, the Steely Dan frontman asked him to sit in during a local performance.

Becoming fast friends, Fagen would go on to produce More’s 2018 album, Beautiful Disrepair. The recording sessions were fruitful, also generating a three-track EP, Shoulder.

“What’s cool is that no one had an ego about things. We were four best friends who had the good fortune of having Donald take us under his wing,” More revealed of working with the Steely Dan icon. 

Invoking great American bands Wilco and Whiskeytown in the wide open spaces of soaring songs like “Shoulder,” More says it all goes back to the lake.

“I wrote ‘Shoulder’ out on Lake Worth in my childhood hometown of Fort Worth, Texas. It’s essentially about the pursuit of finding a constant through life and how hard that can be—whether it’s a partner, friend, family member—and the longing for that peace of mind that it could help provide.”

When it came time to make a music video for the track, the crew headed down to Mexico to capture some of the song’s original spirit. Packed with stunning imagery, the clip is a visual feast that does the local landscape proud.

“We recorded ‘Shoulder’ while we were living in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. San Miguel has always been a special place for our band, so we felt it was the best and truest place to shoot the video as well,” More detailed. “Director Von Jako came down to Mexico with a concept in mind, so we scouted for a couple days and then shot around town with some of our best friends and in some of our favorite spaces. We’re excited about how it all came out and we hope everyone enjoys.”

Watch the video for Peter More’s “Shoulder” below.


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