PREMIERE: TR/ST Change Directions on “Destroyer”

The second single from Robert Alfons’ second album in the Destroyer series takes the project in a somber direction.

With the second installment of TR/ST’s two-part Destroyer project dropping in November, Robert Alfons is sharing the title track as the second single following the smooth darkwave of “Iris,” released earlier this month. Pivoting to balladry, “Destroyer” is equally lush production-wise, though the track is populated with dampered piano and live drumming rather than haunting synths. 

“Writing the title track for the album was such a pivotal moment in that it unleashed a whole new direction for the project and really shaped how the rest of the album would be produced,” notes Alfons, giving some indication that the rest of Destroyer – 2 may deviate from the cold wave orchestrations of 1

Destroyer – 2 is out November 1 via Grouch/House Arrest. You can pre-order it here.


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