Simone Istwa Goes “Driving” Through Stark Los Angeles Visuals in New Video

The song is the latest single for the Launched Artists Digital Singles Series.

The latest from Rain Phoenix and LaunchLeft’s Launched Artists Digital Singles Series arrives today courtesy of 22-year-old Los Angeles-based singer/composer Simone Istwa.

“I started out making hardcore and studying electro-acoustic/experimental music,” they revealed.  “I like to imitate all kinds of music. I see producing tracks as playwriting or theatre.”

That theatrical-sensibility was recently showcased in their striking cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Bird on a Wire” for Hulu’s The Great series, and now in the visual for the new single, “Driving,” premiering below. With Simone dozing-off while driving through Los Angeles visuals—including palm trees, cemeteries, North Hollywood’s Circus Liquor store, Philippe’s french dip shop, army tanks and helicopters, and ultimately a burning cop car—the song’s ethereal tone takes on an even darker edge.

“’Driving’ is a song about how difficult it is to be nice to yourself,” says Istwa.

Watch the video below and stream or download the track available everywhere now


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