Watch Simone Istwa Play the Title Track From Their “Heartweb” EP in NYC for “Neighborhoods”

The songwriter performs an acoustic version of the single in New York’s Lower East Side.

On their EP Heartweb released earlier this summer through LaunchLeft, LA-based songwriter Simone Istwa presented their unique brand of fuzzed-out pop spanning the distance from slowcore to shoegaze, invoking contemporary names like IAN SWEET in the process. The record’s title track most succinctly demonstrates Istwa’s talent for dreamy, slow-burn instrumentation, blending traditional guitars and percussion with experimental sounds and unpredictable vocals.

Seeing them play the track on an acoustic guitar for their “Neighborhoods” set, then, feels as distant from the original tune as their home base of Southern California is from NYC’s Lower East Side, where the video was recorded on what looks like a fire escape framed within an elaborate digitized frame. Watch the performance below, and check out the EP here.


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