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Ariel Pink, “pom pom”

What has instead materialized is a batshit Ariel Pink “solo” double album, pom pom, paradoxically culled from the most collaborative recording process of his career.

WATCH: Ariel Pink Hides Faces Behind Masks in Video for “Picture Me Gone”

When Ariel Pink joined New York City’s P.S. 22’s choir for a day, he shared the emotionally-charged live version of “Picture Me Gone.” Unlike the pseudo-romantic…

WATCH: Ariel Pink Performs “pom pom” Tracks With New York City’s P.S. 22 Chorus

In a glorious turn of events, Ariel Pink has taken his talents to the school auditorium of New York City’s P.S. 22, where he performs his…

LISTEN: Ariel Pink Gets Slapped in “Black Ballerina”

When Ariel Pink isn’t busy getting into Twitter battles with Madonna fans, he occasionally writes music, and “Black Ballerina” is the latest offering from his…

LISTEN: Ariel Pink Announces Double Album “pom pom”

The L.A. artist releases modern love letter with new track, “Put Your Number In My Phone.”

LIVE: Acrobats and Artists Light Up the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles for the Art of Elysium: Genesis (9/5/14)

The Art of Elysium’s sixth-annual Genesis fundraiser was a collaboration of epic proportions between some of the art world’s biggest names and promising musicians, all for the cause of healing the world through art.


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