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The Reissue of “A Year with Swollen Appendices” Is Essential Brian Eno

Between the reissue of his diary and the 2020 releases of his collab with brother Roger Eno and his first collection of film scores, it feels like we’re undergoing another Eno-aissance.

PLAYLIST: IAN SWEET Presents Songs About Crushes

Jilian Medford shares ten tracks about crushing (and getting crushed by) crushes that helped inspire Crush Crusher.

Future Neo-Noir: Three Miami Nights of III Points 2017

In typical Florida fashion, there was very little that could be considered “normal” at Miami’s preeminent arts and music fest. 

Here Comes the Sun King: Laraaji in the Light

A conversation with the benevolent monarch of warm drones and sunny tones.

Laraaji, “Bring on the Sun” and “Sun Gong”

The master of New Age’s two new records are prime examples of the kind of celestial trance music he has been making since the 1970s.

Brian Eno, “Reflection”

If there’s anything disappointing about Brian Eno’s career thus far, it’s that his oblique strategies have never taken him radically far away from the zones he settled and perfected.

The “You Can’t Freeze Time” Cure

Serene entertainments to help draw out what little time we have left.

Another Green World: Our Favorite Non-Musical Forays from Musicians

The new semi-animated Toro Y Moi concert film got us thinking: when it comes to making things that aren’t music, which musicians have done it best?

Brian Eno, “The Ship”

Vessels have long served as a reference point in the works of Brian Eno. But on his new ambient album, “The Ship,” he evokes one of the most symbolically loaded boats in history: the “Titanic.”

Brian Eno Announces “The Ship,” An Album and “Musical Novel”

“This album is a succession of interleaved stories. Some of them I know, some of them I’m discovering now in the making of them.”

FLOOD’s Picks for Record Store Day 2015

What the editorial staff of FLOOD will be heading to their favorite record stores to find on Saturday, April 18.

Eno * Hyde, “High Life”

The lizardy charms of “Baby’s On Fire,” the blissful “I’ll Come Running,” the jazzy, energized harmonies of Wrong Way Up: it is this Eno that appears throughout High Life.


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