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Lindsey Buckingham, “Lindsey Buckingham”

On his eponymous seventh album, the modest guitar hero stays true to form in almost every imaginable way.

A Somewhat-Scientific Look at 5 of the Best Yoga Records of All Time

Experiential yogist Dalton Grant considers the technical factors that make a record “yogic,” and lists the five albums that best fit the description.

The Bernie Inauguration Memes Just Keep Coming

Senator Sanders’ Inauguration look has found itself front and center on all of your favorite album covers.

The Best Songs of 2020 Not From 2020

In a year unlike any other, music of the past was eerily present (and prescient).

FLOOD’s Guide to Record Store Day 2020 Part 2: Notorious B.I.G, Fleetwood Mac, Tove Lo and More

What we’re excited for on the second weekend of RSD’s pandemic-necessitated three-part event.

We Need to Unpack the Best-Selling Vinyl Records of the Decade

The vinyl revival of the 2010s reminds us that what’s old is still new if you’re young enough.

There’s a Stevie Nicks Pop-Up Bar in Chicago Called “Rhiannon”

The Fleetwood Mac–themed spot offers tarot card readings and FM-named cocktails. 

You Have Control of the Aux Cord. Don’t Fuck It Up!

With great power comes great responsibility.

The Best Songs of 2017

Ten compositions that changed our landscapes, big and small.

Advice From Paradise: Love Advice (and Music) from Nedelle Torrisi

This week: making out with your cousin’s boyfriend and learning how to fall in love.


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