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WATCH: How the Super Bowl Is Like Coachella Starring Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters, Terry Bradshaw, Michael Strahan, and more star in Twitter concert live stream trailer.

WATCH: Lil Wayne’s Super Bowl Commercials Look Real Weird

Hang out with Weezy and George Washington on game day.

WATCH: Key and Peele Will Provide Live Commentary of the Super Bowl on Sunday

Only they can’t call it “The Super Bowl.”

Ram On: The NFL Brings the Blue and Yellow Back to Los Angeles

Pray for LA’s weekend traffic.

Bitter Rivals: Sleigh Bells’ Derek Miller on LSU Football, Leonard Fournette, and Alabama

The Florida-born guitarist talks Tigers on the eve of Saturday’s SEC matchup.

Species-Bridging 2015 ESPY Award Nominations Announced

The only award show where a horse could be the favorite airs July 15 on ABC.

Katy Perry Did A Pretty Great Job For Her Super Bowl Halftime Show

The halftime show of Super Bowl XLIX lacked any salacious wardrobe malfunctions or sudden blackouts, but headliner Katy Perry still put on a performance to…

Are You Ready For Some—: Ranking the Last 22 Years of Super Bowl Halftime Shows From Worst to Best

Lip-synching, unplugged instruments, and blatant product placements, oh my!

He Said, He Said: NCAA Football, Kentucky at LSU

Here, we continue with a new FLOOD column, in which the titular “He” converses/argues with the titular…additional “He,” in this case, about a pop-culture event in the preferred forum of pop-culture enthusiasts everywhere: the Gmail G-chat.


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