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Juan Wauters Walks Us Through His Collaboration-Heavy New LP “Real Life Situations”

The artist shares how the expansive set of songs featuring Mac DeMarco, Cola Boyy, and more came together.

Juan Wauters’ Immigrant Song

Juan Wauters recalls his immigration from Uruguay to Queens, which he commemorates on his recent LP “Introducing Juan Pablo.”

Announcing FLOOD 11: The Action Issue, Featuring H.E.R., David Byrne, Vic Mensa, Shepard Fairey, and More

Our latest print issue focuses on artists engaged in all forms of activism, including features with Wayne Coyne, Keedron Bryant, Dinner Party, Ho99o9, and Lauren Halsey. All proceeds from the issue benefit the NIVA’s emergency relief fund.

PLAYLIST: Juan Wauters’ Latin Music That Inspired “Más Canciones De La Onda”

The Uruguayan songwriter shares some tracks that helped him write his new travelogue EP.

PREMIERE: Juan Wauters Is Just a Man on the Street in “El Hombre de la Calle” Video

The Uruguayan songwriter introduces Juan Pablo, among other identities, in the new video.

PREMIERE: Tall Juan Goes The Distance in Handpainted “Cuida Coches” Video

Another “Olden Goldie” cut gets a clip.

PREMIERE: Juans Unite in the Juan Wauters–Directed Video for Tall Juan’s “I Wish I Knew”

“Olden Goldies” is out May 5 via BUFU.

Eight Lower-Billed Coachella Artists You Need to Rework Your Schedule For

Have you heard of this band Radiohead?

FLOOD’s Best of 2015: Our Favorite Songs

We moved, we grooved, we were soothed.

Juan Wauters, “Who Me?”

Juan Wauters came to the United States from Uruguay in 2002 and we should all be thanking his parents for making that trip because otherwise we might not have this fine platter of shambling folk-pop songs.


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