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FLOOD’s Best TV Shows of 2016

Has the era of the antihero come to an end?

FLOOD’s 25 Most Anticipated TV Shows of 2016

The twenty-five shows we’re most looking forward to giving up our healthy New Years resolutions for.

WATCH: Before “Last Week Tonight” Returns in February, John Oliver Has Some Tips About New Year’s Resolutions

“We’re a few days into the new year now, and if you haven’t broken your resolutions yet, statistically, you are about to.”

FLOOD’s Best of 2015: TV

Don’t touch that dial.

The Entertainment Community Responds to the Horrific Attacks in Paris

“And third, it is important to remember that nothing about what these assholes are trying to do is going to work.”

It Starts: The 2015 Emmys Nominations Are Here

“Game of Thrones” leads the pack with twenty-four nominations.

WATCH: John Oliver Strikes Back (Against The Pharmaceutical Companies) in the Season Two Premiere of “Last Week Tonight”

“Kinda makes you feel like Walter White could have made more money cooking up rheumatoid arthritis medication.”

Best Television of 2014: “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”

When The Daily Show’s longtime host Jon Stewart needed to follow his dreams and spend the summer of 2013 in Jordan filming his directorial debut…

WATCH: John Oliver Breaks Down the Stupidity of the Presidential Turkey Pardoning on “Last Week Tonight”

While Last Week Tonight is unfortunately on hiatus until February, “like a psychotic ex” the show is uploading pre-taped web-exclusive clips to hold everyone over…


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