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James The Prophet Travels to a Lush Forest in Bonneval, France for “Neighborhoods”

He performs “Power On” alongside fellow rapper Pab the Kid. He performs “Power On” alongside fellow rapper Pab the Kid. 

Watch Willa Amai Perform Tracks off Her Debut Album for “Neighborhoods”

The singer-songwriter plays “Not a Soldier” and “Too Close” outside Linda Perry’s studio in Los Angeles.

Watch Tristen Play “Wrong with You” in Madison, Tennessee for “Neighborhoods”

The songwriter provides a tour of her garden before performing the “Aquatic Flowers” tune in North East Nashville.

Watch Night Beats Play “Stuck in the Morning” in Los Angeles for “Neighborhoods”

Danny Lee Blackwell performs the “Outlaw R&B” single in Elysian Park after stopping by the old location of Gold Star Studios.

Watch TRISHES Play “Animal” in North Hollywood for “Neighborhoods”

Trish Hosein performs her 2016 single next to an Armenian BBQ spot in Los Angeles.

Watch Soft Glas Play Three Tracks From “How Strange” in South Florida for “Neighborhoods”

Joao Gonzalez performs “Ring True,” “Prudence & Poise,” and “Pool Steps” from his latest album.

Watch Kandle Play “Misty Morning” in Vancouver for “Neighborhoods”

Singer/songwriter Kandle Osborne performs her latest single from “Set the Fire” with assistance from a couple friends.

Watch Julia Stone Perform “Break” and “Fire in Me” in Sydney for “Neighborhoods”

Joined by a five-piece band, the Australian songwriter plays two tracks from her new album “Sixty Summers.”

Watch Homeschool Play “Satisfied” in Brooklyn with the Help of Overcoats for “Neighborhoods”

Tom D’Agustino takes his “Homeschool: Book I” single to Greenpoint’s Msgr. McGolrick Park.

Watch Holly Macve Perform Her Track “Bird” in West Yorkshire for “Neighborhoods”

The Irish-born songwriter plays the opening track from her new LP in an English forest.

Watch Briston Maroney Play Two “Sunflower” Tracks in Los Angeles for “Neighborhoods”

The songwriter performs “It’s Still Cool If You Don’t” and “Cinnamon” in LA’s Eagle Rock neighborhood.

Watch Wild Belle’s Natalie Bergman Play “I’m Going Home” in LA for “Neighborhoods”

Bergman’s debut solo album “Mercy” arrives this Friday via Third Man Records.

Watch SHAED Play “Part Time Psycho” and “Trampoline” in Arlington, Virginia for “Neighborhoods”

The DC trio performs outside Chelsea Lee’s grandparents’ house.

Watch Ricky Montgomery Play “Mr. Loverman” and “My Heart Is Buried in Venice” for “Neighborhoods”

The songwriter performs both “Montgomery Ricky” tracks in his backyard in LA.

Watch Valley Maker Play “When the Day Leaves” in Columbia, South Carolina for “Neighborhoods”

Austin Crane is joined by vocalist Amy Godwin in his backyard to perform his recent album’s title track.

Watch Flyte Play Two Tracks From Their New Album in London for “Neighborhoods”

“This Is Really Going to Hurt” arrives this Friday via Island Records.

Watch The Pink Stones Play “Nothin’ New” Outside the Clarke County Jail in Athens for “Neighborhoods”

The song will be included on the group’s debut LP “Introducing…The Pink Stones,” out April 9 via Normaltown Records.

Watch Allie Crow Buckley Perform the Title Track From “Moonlit and Devious” in LA for “Neighborhoods”

The psych-folk songwriter’s debut LP is out now.

Watch dodie Perform “Cool Girl” in London’s Richmond Park for “Neighborhoods”

The track comes from her recent debut album, “Build a Problem.”

Lydia Luce Takes to Her Porch in East Nashville to Play “Occasionally” for “Neighborhoods”

Luce performs the “Dark River” opener with string accompaniment from Laura Epling and Maggie Chafee.

Lael Neale and Guy Blakeslee Team Up for a Joint “Neighborhoods” Session in Shenandoah Valley, Virginia

Neale performs her track “Blue Vein” and Blakeslee plays through “Sometimes” on a farm in western Virginia.

Watch Aaron Lee Tasjan Perform Two Tracks Outside Basement East in Nashville for “Neighborhoods”

The songwriter plays “Computer of Love” and “Now You Know” from his newly released “Tasjan! Tasjan! Tasjan!”

Watch Kathleen Perform “Can’t Sleep” in Atwater Village for “Neighborhoods”

The up-and-coming songwriter performs the track from her recent “Kathleen II” EP in Los Angeles.

Watch Liam Bailey Play “Fight” and “Paper Tiger” in South London for “Neighborhoods”

Along with the performance, the U.K. songwriter breaks down his recent LP “Ekundayo” for us track by track.

Watch Sincere Engineer Play “Trust Me” in Mokena, Illinois for “Neighborhoods”

Deanna Belos gives us an energetic acoustic performance of her recent single in Northeastern Illinois.

Watch Beau Play “Dance With Me” and “One Wing” in Malibu for “Neighborhoods”

The NY-based rockers take their songs out West to Southern California.

Watch Jenny Owen Youngs Cover Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” in Maine for “Neighborhoods”

The songwriter celebrates a recent move to the East Coast by performing the track in the town of Kittery.

Watch Manu Grace Play “Two Weeks” in Cape Town for “Neighborhoods”

The South African songwriter performs her “No Room for Error” single in front of some dramatic greenery.


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