Tag: Oscar Isaac

Call it a Comeback: Your 2016 Golden Globe Winners

It was a big night for movies about defeating certain death.

There Is Hope: The Refreshing Humanity of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”

“I can do this.”

WATCH: The End Is Near in “X-Men: Apocalypse” Trailer

“Or the Bible got it from him…”

Benicio Del Toro Said to Be in Line for Villainous Role in “Star Wars: Episode VIII”

“Che: Part Three – Che in Space”

WATCH: The First Trailer for David Simon’s “Show Me a Hero” is Here

“It’s the American way, right?”

Alicia Vikander Set to Star Alongside Tom Hanks (and Remain in a Dystopic Future) in an Adaptation of Dave Eggers’s “The Circle”

The “Ex Machina” star will once again find herself in the middle of a high-stakes Orwellian battle, just this time on the other side.

Vanity Fair Reveals Brand-New Exclusive Images From a Galaxy Far, Far Away

The legendary photographer visited the new “Star Wars” set for the latest issue of Vanity Fair

WATCH: Alex Garland’s Directorial Debut “Ex Machina” Blurs The Line Between Humans and Machines

With its Rotten Tomatoes ranking currently sitting at a cool one-hundred percent, Ex Machina premiered in the UK this week, marking the much overdue beginning of…


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