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Pink Floyd, “Live at Knebworth 1990”

Like the band itself, the selected arrangements are rich, bold, and magically transportive. 

We Need to Unpack the Best-Selling Vinyl Records of the Decade

The vinyl revival of the 2010s reminds us that what’s old is still new if you’re young enough.

It’s Time to Talk About the Awful Use of “Comfortably Numb” in that Sex Scene in “The Departed”

Movie: good. Van Morrison singing Pink Floyd while Leo takes his shirt off: bad.

Band of Horses: Honest Themes

Ben Bridwell is working from home.

Happy 4/20! Here’re Five Songs That’ve Been Misappropriated by High People

Take the edge off by realizing that you’ve been taking the edge off way too much.

David Gilmour Is Returning to Pompeii

The seventy-year-old guitar god will play a solo show (for an audience) in the Roman town for the first time since Pink Floyd’s classic concert film.

“Thriller” Becomes the First Album to Go Triple Diamond

The landmark album has sold thirty million copies in the US since its 1982 release.

60 Years of the Fender Stratocaster: A History of the Greatest Moments of the Electric Guitar

A look back on some of the defining moments in music history, played on the Stratocaster.

Pink Floyd To Go Out Swinging With Final Album, “The Endless River”

As Pink Floyd readies what David Gilmour insists will be its “last thing,” citing keyboardist Richard Wright’s passing as a key factor in the decision…


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