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Quentin Tarantino Is Writing Movie Reviews In Quarantino

He’s been quietly uploading them on the New Beverly Cinema site.

Rearview Mirror: “Inglourious Basterds”

Quentin Tarantino’s Nazi-killing fantasy turns ten today.

LISTEN: Quentin Tarantino Shares a Playlist of His Film and TV Favorites

The director mined his own filmography for this seventy-song playlist that ranges from Buddy Guy to Soundgarden.

There’s No Rick Ross on the New Tarantino Film’s Soundtrack

We regret to inform you the “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” soundtrack stays true to the movie’s time period.

Non-Negotiable Casting Suggestions for Quentin Tarantino’s Manson Movie

Crank up the Beach Boys, baby: it’s time to figure this thing out.

Prequel Opportunities: “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” Pits Diversity Against Adversity

Gareth Edwards’s first crack at the series goes against type.

Kodak Is Reviving Super 8 Film with a New Analog/Digital Camera

Perfect for all your professionally amateur filmmaking endeavors.

Piracy Group Responsible for Mass Movie Leak Apologizes, Praises “The Hateful Eight,” and Then Takes Credit for Helping Theater Sales

“‘C’est la vie,’ say the old folks, it goes to show you never can tell.”

The Reconstruction of Quentin Tarantino: Waiting Out the Storm with “The Hateful Eight”

Partly a tip of the cap and partly an obliteration of it, Tarantino’s latest presents a slow-burn situation in a quick-draw world.

LISTEN: Ennio Morricone Returns to the West in “Hateful Eight” Track “L’Ultima Diligenza di Red Rock — Versione Integrale”

Widescreen cinematic sound.

Quentin Tarantino Will Be the Subject of An Upcoming Career-Spanning Documentary

Still waiting for confirmation that this will be released in 70mm.

WATCH: Quentin Tarantino Introduces Viewers to “The Hateful Eight”

Spend the holidays with someone you hate.

Ennio Morricone Is Scoring Quentin Tarantino’s “The Hateful Eight”

The spaghetti western is due out this winter.

“Do Some of that Pilot Shit!”: Tom Cruise to Dogfight with Drones in “Top Gun 2”

The long in-development sequel is currently being reworked to bring Maverick back into a starring role.

Most Anticipated Films of 2015

At the close of 2014, we celebrated our favorite films of the year, and with the turn to a new year, it’s only fitting that we give our…

Complete Casting for Tarantino’s “The Hateful Eight” Released

While the production of Quentin Tarantino’s newest film The Hateful Eight has not been without its share of drama, the dust seems to have settled (Taratino officially…


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