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In Conversation: Hans Zimmer Wasn’t Made for Pop Music

One of the planet’s most experimental film composers gets out from behind the boards for Dunkirk, a live tour, and more.

Award Season Rolls Along: The 2016 Golden Globes Nominations Are Here

“The Revenant,” “Carol,” “The Big Short,” and Netflix lead the way.

Is There Life on Mars?: Matt Damon Tries to Survive in “The Martian” Trailer

Help is only 140 million miles away

More Human Than Human: Roger Deakins Signs On for Denis Villeneuve’s “Blade Runner” Sequel

Oh, and Ryan Gosling is probably gonna star.

“Alien 5” Was Happening, And Then It Wasn’t, And Now It Is Again: Everything You Need To Know

“District 9” writer/director Neill Blomkamp is attached to direct, with Sigourney Weaver and Michael Biehn tentatively set to reprise their roles, all within a universe that focuses on specifically following up the first two films

Harrison Ford Will Reprise Role as Rick Deckard in the Planned Sequel to “Blade Runner”

“Prisoners” director Denis Villeneuve is tapped to direct, with production involvement from Ridley Scott and original co-writer Hampton Fancher


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