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Signal Boost: 15 Tracks from November 2020 You Should Know

Our Senior Editor’s favorite pre-released singles, album deep cuts, and tracks by unfairly obscure artists from the past few weeks.

Carpark Records Announce Compilation Featuring Sad13, Cloud Nothings, and More

The label is finally old enough to drink, so we’re partying safely with some new music.

Watch Sad13 Play “Hysterical” and “Oops…!” for Neighborhoods

Sadie Dupuis performs songs from “Haunted Painting” in her mom’s backyard with her dog Buster.

WATCH: Sad13 Pays Homage to The Dandy Warhols and “Veronica Mars”

Speedy Ortiz songwriter Sadie Dupuis gives us her take on the mid-aughts neo-noir’s opening theme.

Speedy Ortiz, “Twerp Verse”

The band deliberately favor Pavement-inspired oddness in an attempt to introduce some levity.

Shamir, Sad13, The Dove & The Wolf, and Queen of Jeans Talk Philadelphia—and The Cranberries

The impromptu supergroup will have you wrapped around their fingers.

Sad13, “Slugger”

If it feels like you’ve heard the lyrics on “Slugger” somewhere before, it’s probably because you’re a woman and you’ve thought them all.


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