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Patrick Paige II Breaks Down His Re-Introductory LP “If I Fail Are We Still Cool?” Track by Track

The second solo album from The Internet’s bassist is out now via Fat Possum.

Does Ed from Radiohead Only Sing His Own Name? An Investigative Report

Not all fan theories are garbage.

Zen and the Art of Watching Tom Cruise Run

The current legacy of America’s most complicated movie star has long been defined by a YouTube clip of him jumping on a couch, but—praise Xenu—we finally have something to replace it.

Yes, Hi, Hello: Might I Direct You to the “Family Man” Website from 2001?

Nic Cage movies (and romantic regrets) are timeless, but web design is not.

Breaking: Ken M

Fully employed and only occasionally found underneath a bridge, the Internet troll to end all Internet trolls doesn’t mean any harm—but we should probably be taking him seriously all the same.

Bonnaroo Announces Lineup for Fifteenth Annual Festival

June 9–12 on the farm.

LIVE, IN PHOTOS: Camp Flog Gnaw (11/14/2015)

Tyler, The Creator’s festival takes over The Park at the LA Coliseum.

Internet Justice! Twitter Taking Steps to Protect Intellectual Property from Soulless Copycats

Plagiarists beware.

WATCH: If the Internet Threw Up, You Would Get Delta’s Newest Airline Safety Video


The Internet Archive Just Uploaded Thousands of MS-DOS Games to Play for Free Online

Given that the reality of 2015 is suddenly here and glaring down upon us (meaning that the year 1980 is just as close as the…


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