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Various Artists, “I’ll Be Your Mirror: A Tribute to The Velvet Underground and Nico”

The late Hal Wilner’s introduction to the classic LP is as lovely, fall-like, and serene as was Reed’s original entry.

Watch Thurston Moore Interview Big Joanie’s Estella Adeyeri

Watch Moore and the feminist Afro-punk trio’s bassist have a chat in a London pub.

Thurston Moore, “By the Fire”

The mostly vocal album plucks from all that made the Sonic Youth dynamic so prickly and daring.

Sonic Youth’s “Goo” Cover Gets “Rebirth” in Response to BLM, COVID-19

Raymond Pettibon’s iconic black and white illustration is getting a social makeover in time for its 30th anniversary, depicting some serious messaging and political satire.

LIVE, IN PHOTOS: Desert Daze 2017

A not so Coachella experience in the sand.

The Magazine of Champions: On the Shabby Brilliance of “Grand Royal” Magazine

In conjunction with the label of the same name, the Beastie Boys launched “Grand Royal” magazine without much of a plan. But with the help of a ramshackle editorial team that included Spike Jonze and Bob Mack, they didn’t need one.

Thurston Moore, “Rock N Roll Consciousness”

The former Sonic Youth leader’s new LP is a five-song blast of instantly recognizable discordant guitar tones and the kind of crunchy, heady forays into punk-jam-band land that he’s been perfecting since “Expressway to Yr. Skull.”

PREMIERE: The Black Angels’ Take on The Beach Boys’ “Good Vibrations” Kicks Off Levitation Austin’s Saturday Mixtape

The former Austin Psych Fest stakes its claim among the best-booked festivals in the country.

Thurston Moore, “The Best Day”

You don’t need to hear this record for more than four seconds before you realize who is wielding that guitar like a piece of errant shrapnel.

WATCH: Check Out Thurston Moore’s Creepy/Beautiful Video For “Speak To The Wild”

In anticipation of this week’s release of The Best Day, Thurston Moore’s first solo release since the dissolution of Sonic Youth (not to mention his…

Kim Gordon’s Memoir “Girl in a Band” Is Set for a February Release

Kim Gordon was a Girl in a Band, and now she has a book telling us about what that was like. Her memoir is said to give…


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