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A Certain Ratio Break Down Every Track on “ACR Loco”

The Factory Records post-punks are releasing their first album in twelve years today.

Rituals of Mine Break Down Their Downtempo New LP “HYPE NOSTALGIA” Track by Track

Terra Lopez opens up about the doomed relationships, generational trauma, and music industry bullshit that inspired her latest record.

Cults Break Down Their Dreamy New LP “Host” Track by Track

The New York-based duo walk us through their fourth album, out today.

Hannah Georgas Breaks Down Her Aaron Dessner–Produced “All That Emotion” Track by Track

The sprawling record is out today on Brassland and Arts & Crafts.

Oceanator Breaks Down Her Apocalyptic New LP “Things I Never Said” Track by Track

The indie-rock/pop-punk gem is out today via Plastic Miracles.

Widowspeak Break Down Their Sprawling LP “Plum” Track by Track

The indie rock duo have a new LP out on Captured Tracks today.

Samia Breaks Down Her Debut Album “The Baby” Track by Track

The ambitious NY-based singer/songwriter talks us through her new album, out today on Grand Jury.

PHONY Breaks Down His Emotionally Charged LP “Knock Yourself Out” Track by Track

Along with an exclusive stream of the record, Neil Berthier discusses his new LP that’s not new to him at all.

No Joy Break Down Their Experimental New LP “Motherhood” Track by Track

Jasamine White-Gluz details the various directions she took her fourth album in.

Bruce Hornsby Breaks Down His Collaboration-Heavy LP “Non-Secure Connection” Track by Track

The pianist discusses themes on his latest solo record, which features Justin Vernon, Jamila Woods, and Leon Russell.

Only Sibling Break Down Their Debut LP “Get Well Soon” Track by Track

The self-described “loser rock” band also reveal a new visual for “Selfish.”

Jenny O. Breaks Down Her Soothing New Album “New Truth” Track by Track

The record is officially out tomorrow via Mama Bird Recording Co.

Wicca Phase Springs Eternal and Darcy Baylis Break Down Their New EP “This Moment I Miss” Track by Track

They cite everything from Future to Rancid to Red House Painters as influences on their collaborative EP, out today.

The Streets Break Down New Mixtape “None of Us Are Getting Out of This Life Alive” Track by Track

Mike Skinner goes deep on his first collection of new songs in nine years.

Muzz Break Down Their Self-Titled Debut Album Track by Track

Interpol’s Paul Banks, The Walkmen’s Matt Barrick, and Bonny Light Horseman’s Josh Kaufman give us the details on their first LP together.

The Sounds Break Down Their Synth-Heavy “Things We Do for Love” Track by Track

The Swedish pop-rockers’ first album in seven years gets explained by Fredrik Blond.

Retirement Party Break Down Their Triumphant LP “Runaway Dog” Track by Track

Avery Springer walks us through the Chicago emo ensemble’s much-anticipated sophomore album.

Sleaford Mods Break Down Their Retrospective Comp “All That Glue” Track by Track

The English electro-punk duo contextualize the twenty-two songs on their latest release.

I’m Glad It’s You Break Down Their Grief-Filled LP “Every Sun, Every Moon” Track by Track

The 6131 release details singer Kelley Bader’s life after the death of his beloved friend Chris Avis.

Diet Cig Break Down Their Self-Assured LP “Do You Wonder About Me?” Track by Track

Alex Luciano details each track on the band’s sophomore record, out today via Frenchkiss.

Man Man Breaks Down “Dream Hunting in the Valley of the In-Between” Track by Track

Honus Honus spills some words on the seventeen-track LP, out today via Sub Pop.

Jackie Lynn Breaks Down “Jacqueline” Track by Track

The album is out today on Drag City—here’s what Haley Fohr has to say about the songs.

Melkbelly Break Down Their Noisy LP “PITH” Track by Track

The Chicago group’s four members detail the writing and recording process for their second LP.

Jordana Breaks Down Her Bedroom-Pop LP “Classical Notions of Happiness” Track by Track

Jordana Nye gives some context for all thirteen tracks on her debut for Grand Jury.

Bartees Strange Breaks Down His EP of The National Covers Track by Track

“Say Goodbye to Pretty Boy” drops this Friday—here’s what he has to say about the songs he chose to cover.

HAWA Breaks Down Her Relationship-Focused EP “the ONE” Track by Track

The 19-year-old vocalist goes deep on all eight tracks of her seductive debut, out today.

Ratboys Break Down Their Heavy (But So Fun) “Printer’s Devil” Track by Track

The introspective Chicago rockers detail their latest for Topshelf Records, out this Friday.

Tennis Break Down Their Sentimental “Swimmer” Track by Track

Alaina Moore talks through all nine songs on the duo’s fifth album, out today.


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