Doug Tuttle, “It Calls on Me”

TIM105-DougTuttle-InmanSquare_jackets_for_12Doug Tuttle
It Calls on Me

With It Calls on Me, his second solo album, Doug Tuttle (of New Hampshire’s MMOSS) doesn’t stray from the psych-folk tradition he’s known for. If anything, he’s improved upon it. The nervous energy of Tuttle’s 2014 self-titled solo debut has fallen away. It Calls on Me is laid back and dreamy, even flat-out cheerful in places. But laid back doesn’t mean lazy—Tuttle’s songwriting and guitar work here are equally tight and impressive. The album’s title track and “Falling to Believe” are immediate standouts, and “On Your Way” could be an abandoned Byrds tune from fifty years ago. If Kurt Vile were around for the Summer of Love, he may have come up with an album like this one. For optimal enjoyment, play It Calls on Me in a cabin in the New England woods, under a blanket as soft and comfortably worn as Tuttle’s music, and let the sun shine in.


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