PREMIERE: The Bulls Want to Help You With Your “Small Problems” in New Video

From the EP of the same name.

Last month, Anna Bulbrook launched the GIRLSCHOOL Field Day festival, a three-day spectacular of female musicians and female-fronted bands at Los Angeles’ Bootleg Theater. Bulbrook—whose own group, the semi-eponymous Bulls, were one of the groups involved—recently told LNTV that the genesis of the festival came when she and bandmate Marc Sallis put together a residency at LA club The Satellite. “In the process of booking it, and in the process of experiencing how amazing these bands were and going out and doing research and digging into the community,” she said, “this incredible organic thing happened where I realized how much it meant to me. Everybody was so excited to be part of it.”

Now, The Bulls are continuing the ride with a new video for the song “Small Problems.” It’s the title track from the EP they released last summer, and we’re proud to be premiering it today. In it, Bulbrook and Sallis wander through the California desert as the song’s vibrating dark-pastel synths are challenged by a revving guitar below. Of the video, Bulbrook says, “Evan (our director) came up with the visual of eternally walking through different desert moonscapes in different washes of transitional sunlight to illustrate the song’s lyrical themes—which are endlessly, cyclically, desiring a change that isn’t going to come and wishing for a chance to go back and do things over again.”

You can watch the video, whose color treatment was inspired in part by the artist James Turrell, below.


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