A weekend full of female-fronted rock supporting a great cause.

January 29–31, 2016
Bootleg Theater
Los Angeles, California

As welcoming as rock and roll has always been to all sorts of freaks and weirdos, it’s hard not to notice that in the pantheon of music icons, so few of those lionized heroes are female. As a result of years of unequal treatment and representation in the music world, women have spent years carving out their niche in rock’s “boys club” in a quest for respect. Now, as we’re riding high on this latest wave of feminist activism, female musicians are looking for more than just a seat at the table.

Enter GIRLSCHOOL, the LA-based music and arts collective focused on celebrating women’s voices by fostering the talent of young female musicians.  This weekend saw their first inaugural GIRLSCHOOL Field Day—a weekend dedicated to showcasing up and coming female-fronted bands (and raising money for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls). Over the course of three nights, acts like Dead Sara, Kera and the Lesbians, Riothorse Royale, Miya Follick, and more came together in the name of answering the tired old question, “Can girls rock?” The answer was a resoundingly triumphant “Fuck yes!”

Check out all of our photos from the weekend below.


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