Clark, “The Last Panthers” [soundtrack]

The Last Panthers [soundtrack]

The inclusion of David Bowie’s trembling, titular death knell “Blackstar”—used by The Last Panthers‘ showrunners as the theme song to this Sundance TV series—shouldn’t overshadow the show’s soundtrack of metal-clanging mini-scores from composer Clark. The glitch EDM R&B practitioner from Hertfordshire, England, brings much of the same action vibes (very tech-heavy banging) and soulful ambience to this crime thriller’s storyline that he’s given the battering, binging noir atmosphere of his previous albums (such as 2009’s Totems Flare). That means that every time you see skinny, wrinkly John Hurt tooling around a stolen set of diamonds, Clark’s man-machine ting and moaning musical tones can’t be far behind.


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