PREMIERE: Take a “Drag” with Day Wave for Original Tracks

The Oakland-based dream pop act brought their chill to the Original Penguin store in Chicago—sans rhythm section.

Jackson Phillips is well aware of what you might be thinking. Soft-spoken bedroom artist makes album: must be a bummer, right? Not in the slightest. Day Wave, Phillips’s solo recording moniker, isn’t overtly bubbly—but it’s not dark either. Like Real Estate, it’s a gentle wash of comforting guitar and steady rhythms (and sure, a little bit of sadness, too).

Following two well-received EPs—2015’s Hard to Read and 2016’s Headcase—Phillips has a debut full-length on the way via Harvest. Before that gets here, though, we caught him recently in Chicago—while he was in town to play Lollapalooza—at the Original Penguin store, where he took us through a guitar-only rendition of a few of his tracks. Last week, Penguin premiered “Come Home Now,” and now we have the pleasure of sharing with you “Drag”—Day Wave’s breakthrough tune. Check it out below.


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