PREMIERE: Vince Mira Is “Coming Home”

El Radio is out May 12.

Vince Mira sings at the kind of frequency that distinguishes a basso singing voice from a typical baritone—the kind that could shake a subwoofer at the right volume. Raised in San Antonio, Texas, where he developed his palpable passion for country folk music, he naturally began covering Johnny Cash songs with his acoustic guitar in early adolescence. By age fifteen, Mira found himself not only blessed with a rich vocal range, but an opportunity to work with producer John Carter Cash, son of the country legend himself.

In his teenage career, Mira even landed himself a performance on The Ellen Degeneres Show, though adulthood became distracting as he found fulfillment in a wife and children. El Radio is Mira’s first full-length album since 2009, and its latest single “Coming Home,” is the perfect metaphor for a man reuniting with his lifelong passion. “It isn’t about someone or something specific,” Mira stated of the lyrics’ underlying meaning. “It’s more of a cry out to that special something, be it a person, place, or feeling.” Armed with orchestral horns, shimmering strings, and an ocean of reverb, it sounds as if Mira is boldly begging music to never leave his side again.

El Radio is out May 12.


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