PREMIERE: Little Star Offers Up Their “Calming Ritual #1”

Little Star is out April 14 via Good Cheer Records.

Portland DIY figures Little Star, comprised of Julian Morris and Dan Byers, are returning next month with their sophomore, self-titled album. It’s said to depict the complicated melancholy of antidepressants—and somewhat depressingly, it’s clear in their music that this is one of the most relatable modern subject matters a musician could pursue.

“I find new ways to feel like I have something to offer,” Byers chirps on their new single “Calming Ritual #1” in a falsetto that feels almost satirical over the heart-sinking grunge guitars. In a press release, Byers explained his approach: “Some of my songs are meant to be hopeful and encouraging to people who struggle with that particular dilemma.”

“Calming Ritual #1” sonically reflects its themes, with a serenely non-pretentious palette of guitar, bass, drums, and vocals. Byers speaks his defeated, yet optimistic truth over shuffling, Ringo-esque drumming that immediately tempers our appetite for the rest of the LP. 

Little Star is out April 14 via Good Cheer Records.


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