WATCH: Versing Get You Dizzy in 360-Degree Video for “Renew”

The noise pop group share the closing track to their forthcoming Hardly Art debut with an interactive video.

Now that we have this sorted out, it’s very clear to us that Seattle’s Versing are a noise-rock lite act reaching near-ubiquitous band-to-watch status across the web, and not a beloved experimental hip-hop troupe fronted by the guy from that Thomas Jefferson play or whatever. Today the seventh best -ing band is doubling down on their to-watch-ness with a new 360-degree interactive video courtesy of director Claire Buss.

In true slacker form, the clip for “Renew,” a brief grungy throwback blending the explorative riffs of J Mascis with Stephen Malkmus’ half-interested vocals, captures the real-life phenomena of awkwardly standing in the middle of a room, doing nothing but spinning in circles while everyone around you is trying to get shit done. Gulps get bigger, stacks of cardboard get taller, and people get nakeder. It’s a lot to keep track of—but somebody’s gotta do it.

10000 is out May 3 on Hardly Art.


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