Articles by Mike LeSuer

“Space Jam 2” Will Begin Filming This Summer

You don’t even need to ask—we’re all ready for this.

Denzel Curry Covers “Bulls on Parade” for Australian Radio

Florida man bravely steps into ring with Rage Against the Machine staple.

Let the Clatter Kill ’Em: P.O.S. Talks Ten Years of “Never Better”

On the last stop of his anniversary tour, the Doomtree rapper offers some insight into the evolution of his uniquely punk take on rap.

PLAYLIST: Thelma Shares Music for Pain, Rather Than About Pain

The Brooklyn songwriter compiles ten healing songs that helped her make the leap from guitar to synthesizer for her latest record.

Charly Bliss Announce “Young Enough,” Share “Capacity,” Brighten Day

The Japanese Breakfast–directed video precedes Brooklyn’s sugariest power pop quartet’s follow-up to “Guppy.”

Last Night Was the Perfect Super Bowl Halftime Show for 2003

A CGI Andy Serkis was the only thing missing from Super Bowl LIII’s accidental homage to sixteen years ago.

As Always, the New HEALTH Record Is Darker, Heavier, and Dirtier

Before the release of “VOL. 4 :: SLAVES OF FEAR,” Jake Duzsik talks us through the many phases of his experimental noise rock band—and the single aesthetic that unifies them.

PREMIERE: Shady Bug Announces New LP “Lemon Lime” with Fizzy Single “Make It Up”

The St. Louis–spawned fourpiece tease their Exploding in Sound debut.

Better Oblivion Community Center Surprise Release One-Sided Interview with Chester Middleworth

Somehow lost in the shuffle of Conor Oberst and Phoebe Bridgers’ new release is the duo’s enigmatic chat with a made-up-sounding interviewer, which served as the record’s press release.

PLAYLIST: Harlem’s Michael Coomers Sets the Nine Years Between “Hippies” and “Oh Boy” to Music

Hey, did you hear Harlem’s back? The Tucson–bred garage-rockers who gave us such jangly classics as “Gay Human Bones” and “Psychedelic Tits” at the turn…

I Just Rewatched All Four “Indiana Jones” Movies on Netflix and Let Me Just Say: What the Fuck?

With the classic adventure series now freely available to everyone with their parents’ login, let’s take a moment and think about how incredibly bizarre these movies really are.

Night Beats Have Become a Myth of a Band

The Austin psych rock group’s Dan Auerbach–overproduced third record signifies an end to regional music scenes and adherence to aesthetic.

The 5 Best Guitarists Who Are Also Men

Any man can play guitar—but here are five men who are actually pretty good.

The WHY?/Lala Lala Bond Is So Pure

With the release of the two groups’ first collaborative recording, the recent tour mates take their already-public friendship to the next level.

Dylan Balliett Wants to Introduce You to His Dylan-Guys

The illustrator and comic book artist walks us through his vision of a world that’s both musical and anti-Seussical.

Happy Holidays! “Home Alone” Criminalized the Working Class and Killed the Home Invasion Genre

A long overdue re-examination of the overt sociopolitical themes and genre revisionism of Chris Columbus’s classic vigilante thriller.

The Best Wholesome Cultural Moments of 2018

Ten of the most undeniably positive—and surprisingly palatable—moments music, film, and the world of memes had to offer.

Christian Rock Is a Brand, Not a Genre

An investigation into the only category of music entirely defined by its constricting censorship.


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