Broods, “Evergreen”


For such young artists, Georgia and Caleb Nott have grasped onto an impressive maturity that shines through their music. This development was amplified with Lorde collaborator Joel Little’s production, whose signature is all over Broods‘ full-length debut, leaving it sounding a little too close to Pure Heroine for comfort. With Evergreen, the siblings’ message is clear, even if it sometimes sounds like someone else is singing it. The LP is emotive and melancholy, but not in a way that makes your heart feel heavy. The band’s lyricism centers on first loves gained and lost, yet, even on the darkest tracks of the record, the melodies have buoyancy and a hopeful spirit to them—a trait that becomes slightly repetitive as you come down Evergreen’s second half. There’s no doubt that a bright future is in the cards for this duo, with immense talent as heard this debut, but they need to come out from under the shadow of other indie-pop trends to truly last.


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