PREMIERE: The Hecks Venture Into 1980s Community Access TV for “Flash” Video

The Chicago trio isn’t shy about telling us which decade inspired their forthcoming album My Star.

We were first introduced to The Hecks back in 2016 with their Public Strain–nodding debut. But between then and now, the stripped lo-fi droning of duo Andy Mosiman and Zach Hebert has evolved to incorporate the guitar of recording engineer Dave Vettraino and, notably, the keys of Jeff Graupner—and now their sound is melodic enough for an ’80s fitness video.

Following the hypnagogic charm of lead-off single “So 4 Real,” “Flash” is an aggressive post-punk number as conscious of Wire as its video is of Olivia Newton-John. Combining a sound that’s entirely reverent of the era with a video that’s a little less so, the result is playful, if not totally ridiculous.

“We stumbled through the whole thing and just leaned in on what was working,” the band shares of the clip. “The end result reads like the contents of a VHS tape mailed to the president of Columbia Records from some kids from Valparaiso, Indiana who got grounded right after filming because mom found an empty bottle of poppers in the basement. Some forgotten relic of an aspiring nobody’s pop fantasy.” Well put.

My Star is out October 11 via Trouble in Mind. You can pre-order it here.


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