PREMIERE: Gundelach and Bendik HK Contemplate Connection on “My Frail Body”

The title track from the Norwegian artist’s second LP is all about human connection.

Norwegian electronic musician Gundelach is returning after a two year break since his downtempo debut, Baltus, for a reinvigorated take on his melancholy sound. My Frail Body sees the artist adjusting to a new life with a newborn son and, incidentally, a first encounter with psychedelic mushrooms.

While the ambient sounds of his debut are very much intact, Body sounds much more grounded in the songwriter’s natural surroundings—both figuratively and literally. The record opens with a sound collage recorded at a Dutch nature reserve, while the title track, being shared today, is a fast-paced existential query about our natural world. 

“‘My Frail Body’ is about exploring the human/natural connection,” Kai Gundelach says of the track, which features ambient techno producer Bendik HK. “The track started with an iPhone recording of Bendik HK playing a fast D&B groove on a vintage drum set. I added some Juno 60 before I improvised the vocal line (then I sent it to Bendik who dubbed the vocals and added some adlibs). My friend and long-time collaborator Pål Ulvik laid down an ace bass line with his modular system and a lead with the Minimoog. How frail are our bodies that keep holding us alive?”

My Frail Body is out March 27 on U OK? Records. Stream the title track below.


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