Jib Kidder, “Teaspoon To The Ocean”

Jib Kidder
Teaspoon To The Ocean

The first thing to pop is the name, the oddball backstory just a smidge behind. Louisville native Sean Schuster-Craig calls himself things enough (collagist, sculptor, musician, poet) such that it becomes difficult to know where he ends and the story begins. But then, he also calls himself Jib Kidder, so the distinction between real and imagined never really mattered, anyway. Though a musical lifer, Teaspoon To The Ocean marks Jib Kidder’s first release on the currently vibrant scene of Weird World. And it’s really a great record, replete with slurred swaths of synth and nauseous vocoder treatments on Schuster-Craig’s capable vocals. Ocean is a backloaded record in a good way. Having already bought in on the journey, advance single “Dozens,” opioid penultimate “Melt Me,” and worthy closer “Wild Wind” will carry you up to the shore and stir you into the wash.


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