LISTEN: Jib Kidder Releases A Jammy, Spectral Single, “Dozens”

Off of his upcoming Weird World debut, Teaspoon to the Ocean, out January 27.
LISTEN: Jib Kidder Releases A Jammy, Spectral Single, “Dozens”

Off of his upcoming Weird World debut, Teaspoon to the Ocean, out January 27.

Words: Breanna Murphy

photo by Aaron Stern

November 07, 2014

Jib Kidder / 2014 / photo by Aaron Stern

In a short amount of time, Sean Schuster-Craig has amassed quite a discography, putting out LPs and cassettes through States Rights, Burger, and self-releases, and now his project Jib Kidder has announced a debut record for Weird World, entitled Teaspoon to the Ocean.

In addition to constructing sounds, Schuster-Craig manifests his imagination in the tangible world through writing and art—and the abundant creative output collides on “Dozens,” Jib Kidder’s first single off of Teaspoon.

Like a mural, “Dozens” pieces itself together in a collage of varied sounds and abstract impressions—a winding, churning intro sample giving way to a roll of percussion that breaks into the track’s crux: an effected guitar melody that tremolos itself in and out of dizzying bliss. Schuster-Craig’s undecipherable vocals, too, add another instrumental layer to the track’s beauty. It all lends itself to an inviting feeling somewhere between dreams and reality.

As Schuster-Craig explains, it’s not so surprising to think of his music as existing on the astral plane rather than the material world:

I started to write down my dreams when I was 14, and started to lucid dream when I was 18. I would stick on a nicotine patch, set five alarm clocks and go to sleep at 8 pm. It was around then I was starting to make my first small edition CD-Rs and had a dream where I could see clearly on the cover of a jewel case above a painting of an amputee with open wounds, the words “jib kidder”. This is where the band name comes from, which I consider neither a first and surname nor meaningful words of another kind. This is also how I have come upon my aesthetic ideals. I prefer art to assume the form of dreams. To be poetry, indecipherable poetry, made out of the stuff of your waking experience. Dreams have their own rules, and I use these as rules of form. Every person in a dream is many people. Every word is many words. The flow of action seems at odds with the flow of time. Things fold into each other. There are no resolutions – dreams are ongoing. Their logic is lateral, never critical and their focus is sexual and anxious.

Teaspoon to the Ocean is out January 27 on Weird World.

Teaspoon to the Ocean track list

JibKidder_TeaspoonToTheOcean1. Remove A Tooth
2. In Between
3. Appetites
4. The Waves
5. Situations In Love
6. World Of Machines
7. Dozens
8. The Many
9. Illustration
10. Melt Me
11. Wild Wind