Articles by Jessica Lynn

Poliça, “United Crushers”

“United Crushers” presents its listeners with an all-encompassing wall of sound that makes the outside world fade away.

Feels, “Feels”

For Feels, noisiness isn’t a cop-out.

Nap Eyes, “Thought Rock Fish Scale”

Canadian foursome Nap Eyes have proved to be at the top of their game when it comes to making witty, intellectual rock that could easily be the soundtrack to a slightly depressed professor’s life.

DJDS, “Stand Up and Speak”

On the duo’s second album, “Stand Up and Speak,” DJDS (formerly known as DJ Dodger Stadium) create dynamism out of repetition and make meaning out of small things.

Coromandelles, “Late Bloomers’ Bloomers”

Bursting with ethereal harmonies and dripping with sun-kissed guitar riffs, “Late Bloomers’ Bloomers” is thirty-two minutes of fuzzy, wine-drunk jams that manages to be sophisticated, sleazy, raucous, and dreamy all at once.

Small Black, “Best Blues”

Small Black is still making dizzy electro-pop, but this time their tracks reach deeper, with heavier themes and better production.

YACHT, “I Thought the Future Would Be Cooler”

In the end, “I Thought the Future Would Be Cooler” is too caught up in its own gimmicks to tread any new ground.


On their way to achieving this new sound, JR JR has sacrificed the sincerity that made them special in the first place.


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