LISTEN: Girlpool Releases New Track “Ideal World,” Announces Debut Album Details

Before the World Was Big is out June 2 via Wichita Recordings.

Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad of Girlpool are slowly proving themselves as masterful purveyors of lo-fi songs about love, disappointment, and other trappings of maturity delivered with almost-childlike, but brutal honesty. Their newest single “Ideal World” off their just-announced debut LP Before the World Was Big shows the duo delving into new lyrical depths without straying from their signature, DIY punk leanings.

Tucker and Tividad keep things simple with plodding bass lines, sporadic flashes of electric guitar, and imperfect harmonies as they sing about the depressing realities of adulthood (“I was taught what to believe / Now I’m only certain that no one is free”). A sign that the pair are reluctantly entering grown-up territory with their songwriting, but not losing their bratty edge.

Before the World Was Big is out June 2 via Wichita Recordings.


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